Manufacturing and Service Divisions:

Steel Melting

The Canara Workshops Limited is the only company which had the in-built facility to manufacture steel required for the manufacture of springs.  The Canara Alloy Steel Division was established in 1963 and first to introduce the continuous casting technology to India, at a time, when the world production of steel through continuous casting route was mere 5%.   The steel melting division consisted of a 5 MT arc furnace and a 92 mm continuous casting machine.  The 92mm caster was converted to 100mm in 1988.  The analog systems for D.C. drives of Arc Furnace and Caster were replaced with advanced thyrister controlled systems in 1995.  Owing to the increase in the cost of power and non-availability of continuous supply of steel scrap for melting, the steel melting division was de-commissioned in the year 2003, after making a last single heat for the  day on 20th June 2003.

Rolling Mill:

To compliment the steel melting division, a Rolling Mill consisting of 1x roughing  Mill stand and 3x finishing Mill Stands of three high each with a pusher type Furnace Oil fired billet heating furnace of 3 MT/per capacity was installed. The billets cast in  Steel Melting Division were converted into springs steel flats in the rolling mill division. The Rolling Furnace installed in 1963 was replaced with a new one in 1986.  This furnace was fully  refurbished in 2011.

Steel Melting

Subsequent to the de-commission of steel melting division, the company started out- sourcing the procurement of billets from Vizag Steel and converting it into springs steel flats in the rolling mill.  The rolling mill has capability of producing various sections of spring steel flats from 80 mm width to 45 mm width and thickness ranging from 13 mm to 5 mm, and has a capacity to produce 9000 MT per annum.

Spring Manufacturing:

The Canara Workshops Limited started the spring manufacturing initially from the premises of its parent company Canara Public Conveyance  Co. Ltd., (now CPC Logistics Ltd) in 1943.   Later on shifted its operation to the present location during 1949 – 1950.

Spring Manufacturing

We were the first company to start indigenous manufacture of laminated leaf springs in India.  We were also the first to introduce shot peening technology to improve the performance of leaf springs manufacture.


The logistic division which started its operation in 1994 with two LCV’s in order to meet the customers requirement in time has increased its fleet to five trucks and a Furnace Oil tanker.

Company Truck