Other Ventures of the Company

In addition to the steel melting division and springs manufacturing division, the company had ventured into manufacturing ‘U’ Bolt during the year 1956-1957 which was subsequently discontinued due to the non-availability of required raw materials.


In 1958 the company also put up a proposal for cast iron foundry project to manufacture hubs & brake drums which are used in automobiles and got the license for the same.   A separate building was constructed inside the same premises at Maroli and necessary equipment like induction furnace, sand mixing plant, shot blasting machine and automatic moulding machines were imported.  In addition a separate machine shop was constructed with special purpose lathes  for turning of brake drums and a multi spindle drilling machine, a centre less grinder, surface grinding machine were all imported to carry out necessary machining and drilling works on the hubs and brake drums cast in the cast iron foundry.  The operation of this cast iron foundry continued up to 1985 after which it was decommissioned owing to non availability of quality scrap and frequent power interruptions.


In order to cater to the North India’s springs market, the company ventured into springs manufacturing unit at Nagpur, Maharashtra during 1959-1960.  Though during the initial years, the plant was operated successfully, by the end of 1966, it became difficult to operate the plant due to non-availability of required labour.  As such, a decision was taken to discontinue the operation and shift the machineries to the Mangalore plant.  Accordingly, the plant was decommissioned and the equipment was shifted to Mangalore in 1966 – 1967.