Quality Control

If the brand CANARA SPRINGS has become a name to be reckoned with over the years, it is mainly due to its emphasis and adherence to the quality of the springs manufactured by it.  Right from the time the company started manufacturing springs in 1949, the emphasis was on the quality of the product.  To achieve this, it had imported various quality control equipment’s and gadgets like brinell hardness tester, microscope, almen strip for assessing shot peening quality and also certain gauges for measurement of eye diameter rolled.  The company also procured carbon and sulphur determinators for carrying out chemical analysis on the raw materials imported for manufacturing springs.  Later when it started its Alloy Steel division, a  metallurgical  laboratory was put up to conduct the analysis on the quality of the billets cast and also on flats rolled.

Later in 1994, a vacuum arc spectrometer was imported to ascertain the chemical analysis wherein it was possible to establish the content of 10 chemical elements present in the steel manufactured within a matter of 15 seconds.  These analysis were viewed, stored and printed out with the help of a computer connected to the spectrometer.

For the springs division, the company had installed a UTM and also a fatigue testing machine to ascertain the quality of the spring assembly manufactured by the company.  The recent addition to this quality control division is a state of the art computerized spring testing machine which can be used for scragging, load rate determinator and endurance testing.