Marketing Objectives

Marketing Objectives:

1  Structure
2  Quality Policy
3  Advertisement and Sales Promotional Activities
4  Strategy


Our marketing team consists of our group of dedicated sales personnel operating from Head office and nine depots across South India.  We regularly call on our customers for their requirements of high quality “Canara Springs”.  At the factory production planning takes the inputs received from our depots and translates it into a production schedule.  Items produced reach on Finished Goods Stores for onward dispatches to the sales depots.  The Marketing Department headed by DGM(Marketing & Finance) Co-ordinates these efforts such that the product flow to the depots are reached in time.  The various depots are managed by the depot managers and their team.  We believe that the ultimate reach of future growth and success lies in our customers satisfaction.  Therefore to assist in achieving this, our team continuously reviews and improves the overall operational efficiency of the company. As a result, we are able to provide premium quality springs at a competitive price.

Quality Policy

Our main focus is to achieve total quality control such that our customers get our product with minimum or no defects at reasonable prices in time and with total satisfaction.

Advertisement and Sales Promotional Activities

As our target customers are automobile dealers, Fleet owners, Societies and garages we are arranging advertisements and promotional activities directly connected to them.  We distribute complimentary items to the mechanics and blacksmiths.  Annually we distribute diaries, calendars and other items to our automobile dealers.  We also conduct garage meets and contacts wherever required.  Our advertisements are also published in the dealers association souvenir and other magazines.


Our marketing team keeps constant uninterrupted focus on sales and collections. Our annual sales target is 4200 M.T.  i.e. 54 Crores.  We conduct Annual Sales Conference attended by all the marketing staff, Head-office managers to discuss in depth about the marketing strategy to achieve the target.  The conference also provides platform for the field staffs to exchange their ideas, knowledge, experience and information.  During the conference awards and gifts are distributed to the field personnel’s based on their performance and achievement as a  morale booster.  Our major strategy consists of focused action on cost management, improved product mix, faster introduction of new items, judicious pricing, and best services at all times to the customers.

For the smooth flow of outward product we started logistics division in the year 2005 with the 2 vehicles, subsequently enhanced to 7 vehicles of different load carrying capacities. Currently the logistics division moves more than 60% of our production. This has got the following benefits to us as compared to contract logistics carriers.

a) Faster and reliable delivery of our goods to the customers.
b) Lifting the products immediately from the Finished Goods Stores.
c) With assured in time supplies of our products to the customers we generate faster business returns

Access to low cost resources combined with efficient operations and distribution will enable us to drive sustainable growth.