Human Resource

Human Resource:

The H.R. Department is headed by Dy. General Manager and looks after the following functions in the organisation:

1. Personnel
2. Industrial Relation
3. Labour Welfare
4. Administration.

For the smooth functioning of the Department DGM is assisted by Asst. Manager (HR&A), Officer (HR) and the staff.

Our H.R. Vision:

“We believe that people are the vital force of the Organisation. Nurture the talent people to become the future leaders and meet the challenges”.

Our Human Resources:

Out of all the resources that facilitate growth of our Organisation, the most critical one is “HUMAN” and we see this resource as our core strength. We believe that the people are the vital force of the Organisation. The H.R. Philosophy is to recruit fresh, young and talented people and nurture them to become the future leaders and entrepreneurs.

Our professional excellence guides our employees to develop themselves as leaders and entrepreneurs to meet the challenges of the ever growing competition.

We motivate our employees as strategic business partner to this Organisation by providing the HR Services and making this company a great place to work.

There are two Unions namely Motor Transport & Engineering Workers Union (Affiliated to CITU) and Kanara Dock & General Workers Union (Affiliated to INTUC) and we maintain good cordial relationship. We respect and deal equally with them. Management gives fair deal in the wage negotiation and have long term settlement with the Trade Unions where it is more amicable. They also maintains good work culture, discipline and belongingness. They also take utmost care for the productivity. We believe in maintaining a positive atmosphere by being proactive with respect to solution of labour issues.

We have dedicated and talented workforce of 256 people has assisted in driving achievements and success. We are working round the clock. We proudly say’s that ours is first Company to introduce Gratuity before enactment of law by the Govt. of India.

“Our Mantra is we concern for people”

Employees comply with all laws and regulations concerning environment protection. We always strive to create a balance between Corporate activities and environmental protection.  Our employees actively participated “each one plant one”, by planting one tree in the Company premises.

As a corporate social responsibility we are maintaining two parks near to our Company i.e. Late Ullal Srinivas Mallya Centenary Park and War Memorial Park. We also adopted 16 birds and 6 animals at Pilikula Nisarga Dhama, Vamanjoor, Mangalore.

Company always welcomes and encourages all employees to bring forward their suggestions and good ideas about making it a better place to work and enhancing service to customers.

We are proud to say that most of the reputed colleges from Mangalore and outside visit our factory for professional project work and exchange one to one interaction on a professional level on the subject of Engineering, Finance and H.R. with our Executives for their academic fulfilment.

Enquiry – Project work and Factory visit.

We welcome visit to the factory by students of Technical and nontechnical colleges.
We also have a very small number of slots available for project work.